Share Price Performance

Performance of the international share markets and ACEA shares

The trend in the international share markets in 2010 was characterised by:

  • an initial positive phase (first two months of the year), in which the growth trend of 2009 continued, which made it possible to partly recover the losses recorded in the second half of 2008 following the economic-financial crisis;
  • a second negative phase (until August), dominated by the fears of the financial community over a slowdown in the economic recovery and worries in relation to the public debt of certain European countries, also following the downward review of the credit worthiness of sovereign debt carried out by some international rating agencies;
  • a third contrasting phase, in which the Stock Market recorded differing trends.

Subsequently, for the first time in many years, international price lists showed dissimilar variations: some markets closed the year in a clear positive position, others at parity and others still registered a heavy decrease.

In 2010, the Italian Stock Market underperformed the main European stock market lists; Milan Stock market indexes recorded the following changes: FTSE Italia All Share -11.5%, FTSE MIB -13.2% and FTSE Italia Mid Cap -2.9%.

ACEA’s share price stood at 8.60 euros at 31.12.10 (capitalisation: 1,831.5 million euros), up 14.97% compared to 31.12.09. In 2010, the peak of 9.30 euros was achieved on 5 August, with a low of 7.21 euros recorded on 13 January.

During 2010, average daily traded volumes amounted to 515,410 (679,428 in 2009).

Acea shares

The normalised graph of ACEA‘s share performance is shown below, compared with Stock Market indexes.

Acea shares normalized

(normalised graph of Acea share values)

% change at 31.12.10 (compared to 31.12.09)
Acea +14.97%
FTSE Italia All Share -11.49%
FTSE Mib -13.23%
FTSE Italia Mid Cap -2.93%

Roughly 300 reports and/or notes on the Acea share were published in 2010.