Digital Meters Project

Finally, as regards the “Digital Meters Project”, work continued in 2010 on the large-scale introduction of a remote-controlled system for the MV and LV networks and remote control of the digital meters, launched by ACEA in October 2005.

The approved industrial plan envisages the completion of activities by 2011, with 95% coverage of active users (equal to roughly 1,530,000 meters), as set out by the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas and other installations of concentrator cabinets for the management of new users.

Approximately 187,000 meters and 381 concentrator cabinets were installed in 2010. This made it possible to reach a total of 1,445,000 installed meters, consistent with the objectives defined by the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas in resolution no. 292/06 - Annex A.