As regards the Cogeneration sector, the joint venture between ACEA S.p.A. and ASTRIM S.p.A. was established in September 2007, aimed at the marketing and creation of energy cogeneration plants, called Ecogena.
51% of the share capital of Ecogena is held by ACEA Reti e Servizi Energetici S.p.A. and the remaining amount, due to the transfer of ASTRIM’s stake, by Società Energia Alternativa, which Astrim S.p.A. has a holding in, Vigest S.r.l. and the Jacorossi and Parnasi Group.

In 2010, the subsidiary Ecogena continued to manage the plants that started operations (Saxa Rubra, Porta di Roma, Torrino Nord, Cappuccini, Canottieri Aniene and Villa Flaminia) to which the SigmaTau industrial plant was added.

In particular, negotiations were concluded regarding the construction of cogeneration plants for the Europarco complex, in the Castellaccio EUR district, and for the Laurentino shopping centre, which are expected to begin operations in 2012.
In addition, a number of commercial development activities helped the company to establish operating contacts with leading industrial companies in the reference market, which should lead to the stipulation of new agreements, starting from next year.

In order to better grasp the business opportunities in the South Rome area, in February, Ecogena and Eur SpA established the company Eur Power Srl, in which Ecogena owns 49% of shares. The environmental energy plan of the Municipality of Rome, launched last May, also acknowledged the strategic value of sustaining and developing real estate assets in the EUR area through the re-engineering of the production and distribution system of thermal and electricity carriers in said area, by identifying in the newly formed Eur Power, through its shareholders, the implementing entity. This plan in the Eur area was also considered to be of possible interest as regards the development of intelligent electricity exchange systems, so-called Smart Grids.