Solar Power

With regard to the Photovoltaic sector, in 2010 Arse was able to seize the extremely profitable opportunities offered by the market and signed framework agreements with different suppliers. 

In particular, roughly 13.4 MWp was connected for a general total of 24.8 MWp, in addition to around 11.8 MWp at the connection phase.

The main reference areas for 2010 connections were the Puglia and Lazio regions.

The decision to position some plants in Puglia is mainly linked to the favourable weather conditions and to a local regulatory framework where it is easier to obtain authorisations.

The Commercity project was completed in Lazio with the construction of a PV plant, with roughly 5 MWp on cantilever roofs, to cover Commercity car parks (wholesaler centre adjacent to the structures of the Nuova Fiera in Roma).

Said plant will allow the production of 6,000,000 kWh per year with an annual CO2 reduction of approximately 2,766,000 Kg.

It should be borne in mind that starting from the end of 2009, and throughout all of 2010, delays were identified in the connection of plants by Enel Distribuzione S.p.A. which led to fines being imposed on the latter by the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas and issuing of the so-called “Salva Alcoa Decree” which provides for the allocation of the incentive tariff relating to the old decree on the energy account for all plants that have been completed before 2010, even if still not connected. Said procedure also concerned some of our company’s plants.

Agreements were signed with major companies in 2010, including:

  • the framework agreement between Acea R.S.E. and Q8 Petroleum Italia S.p.A., which provides exclusively for the construction of PV plants at Q8 petrol stations in Italy; At the current state of play, plants with power of 112 KWp have been constructed or are being constructed, as part of this agreement;
  • agreement with Elasis S.C.p.A., FIAT group research centre, which provides for the construction of a PV plant, of around 500 kWp on the areas currently used for employee car parking.

In 2010, thanks to the strong market position acquired, Arse signed contracts for the supply of photovoltaic panels to a number of market companies, for a total sale of roughly 23 MWp.

The company constructed turnkey plants with roughly 2.5 MWp of power.