Service quality

On 24 December 2007 the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas issued Resolution no. 333/07 regarding the third regulatory period from 2008 until 2011.

Resolution no. 333/07 introduces and governs four different types of regulation, amending the two pre-existing ones and supplementing the current legislation, as follows:

  1. Regulation of prolonged or extended outages;
  2. Individual standards regarding the number of outages for MV customers;
  3. Regulation of the total duration of long outages without advance warning;
  4. Regulation of the average number of long and short outages.

On 27 April 2009, the Authority issued the reference document DCO 9/09 “Electricity distribution service continuity – Urgent review of some provisions concerning the regulation of the number of outages without advance warning and the 2008-2011 trend levels”.

Following the end of the consultation process, the Authority issued Resolution ARG/elt no. 76/09 that implements the observations received from the entities concerned, by amending Annex A of Resolution no. 333/07 of 19 December 2007, with the postponement of the relevant deadlines for the termination of the procedure pursuant to paragraph 22.4, Annex A for 2008 and the deadlines pursuant to point 2 of Authority Resolution no. ARG/elt 168/08 of 25 November 2008.

The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • change in the selection rule of exceptional long outages starting in “periods of perturbed conditions”, with the introduction of a threshold for the number of outages that is necessary in order to identify the “periods of perturbed conditions” (upper limit), by making a distinction between low voltage and medium voltage;
  • exclusion of all long outages without advance warning which start in periods of perturbed conditions, with regard to the number of outages, similarly to the provisions in force for short and temporary outages;
  • extension of the above-mentioned provisions to the duration of outages, excluding all long outages starting in periods of perturbed conditions;
  • postponement of the deadlines set out in point 2 of Resolution ARG/elt 168/08 for the delivery of continuity data and the calculation of starting and trend levels for distribution companies, pursuant to paragraph 30.1 of the Integrated Code, which opted for three-year levels of continuity indicators, instead of two-year levels;
  • postponement of the deadlines and obligations provided for with regard to service continuity, which are relevant for the procedure concerning service continuity for 2008;
  • exclusion of outages due to thefts from electricity distribution plants, from Title 7 of the Integrated Code.

Reporting activities in 2009 were concluded within the deadlines established beforehand by the Regulator (by 31 March 2010). The results of the aforementioned reporting were ratified with Resolution ARG/elt 205/10 of 22 November 2010 known as “Definition of continuity recovery amounts of electricity distribution services for 2009”, and an incentive of 7,023,755.17 euros was assigned to Acea Distribuzione.