Notes to the Consolidated Income Statement

It should be noted that, due to the signing of the Framework Agreement between ACEA and GdF-Suez in December, the economic components of discontinued operations (i.e. of the Companies that will be transferred to GdF-Suez) have been shown, in compliance with IFRS 5, in the dedicated line of the income statement, together with (i) the adjustment to reflect fair value of those assets that will be exchanged at a equity value lower than the carrying amount of fixed net assets and (ii) the legal, tax and financial costs of advisors who supported ACEA in the dissolution transaction.

Financial year 2009 was subject to restatement due to both the provisions of IFRS 5 and the retrospective application set out by IFRS 12 as of 1 January 2010.

The economic data of the Group’s activities is shown, net of consolidation rounding resulting from commercial and financial relations, with discontinued operations. Moreover, it contains the economic results of the business division subject to demerger, which includes the electric power generating plants that will be fully owned by ACEA at the Execution date.

1. Revenue from sales and services

2. Other operating income

3. Staff costs

4. Costs of materials and overheads

5. Net income/(costs) from commodity risk management

6. Amortisation, depreciation, impairment charges and provisions

7. Finance (costs)/income

8. Profit/(loss) on investments

9. Taxation

10. Non-current assets held for sale and discontinuing or discontinued operations

11. Earnings per share