Photovoltaic risk

Photovoltaic activities highlight two types of risk:

  • the uncertainties on tariff incentives that will be acknowledged with the new decree being issued and superseding the current one, for plants that will come into operation after 31 December 2010;
  • the uncertain terms for authorisation and connection of plants built to the grid. In spite of the fact that regulations, which differ from region to region, define time limits for issuing authorisations, in reality, the actual time needed to obtain authorisations and therefore the actual implementation schedule of the project cannot be planned precisely due to the number of subjects involved for opinions and authorisations, as well as to the different interpretations of regulations themselves. In terms of connections, in certain regions of Italy, problems have been reported by the local distributor in carrying out the procedures set forth for the connections within the prescribed timeframe, due to the considerable number of requests, with subsequent uncertainty over the times for making plants operational.