Investments in Umbria

As regards the holdings in the Umbria region, in December 2007, ACEA won the tender called by the Territorial Authority of ATO 1 Perugia for the choice of private industrial minority partner Umbra Acque S.p.A. Acquisition of the stake in the share capital (with 40% of the shares) took effect on 1 January 2008.

In 2010, the company exercised its activities in all 38 Municipalities constituting ATI (Temporary Joint Ventures) 1 and 2.

By means of shareholders’ meeting act of 03/02/2010, the Area Authority approved the 2010 tariffs, establishing an increase of 0.16%, in addition to the forecast rate of inflation of 1.5%.

Therefore, the overall increase is 1.66%.

The review of the Area Plan by the Authorities will continue. By means of resolution no. 10 of 31 March 2010, the Authority approved the launch of the operating phases for drafting of the Plan review. Upon completion of the preliminary work, by means of Authority resolution no. 31 of 14 December 2010, the Preliminary Document of the VAS (Strategic Environmental Assessment) was approved, which formally signals the launch of the Area Plan update procedure.

When the Strategic Environmental Assessment is finished, the Authority will be in a position to adjust and update the Area Plan, which is necessary so that the Operator has a suitable document detailing the different requirements of the area, hence facilitating the planning of investments, operating workloads, economic and financial resources, needed for properly fulfilling its institutional obligations throughout the entire period of full operations.

In ATO 2 Terni management continues through the subsidiary AceaRieti of the company Umbriadue scarl, which is a minority shareholder in the integrated water service company SII scpa.